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When searching for a name for our family owned pub-style restauraunt, parents/owners Nancy & Chuck turned to their three sons: Chad, Kiel, and me(Jake)! Reminiscing, they remembered that when I was born, Kiel called me Shake, because of his baby lisp. It not only seemed fitting, but completely appropriate to call our new family business Shakey Jakes!

- Jake       


You may hear about Shakey the dog. While he was a fixture and loved by all, he arrived shortly after the cafe was opened. He was a true mascot and now he is a legend of "Shakey" Jakes.                                                        - Nancy

Many people stop by daily to enjoy the specials originated and inspired by me, Chef Chuck. Nancy and all the servers will greet you with a smile. 

- Chuck    


Come join the Shakey Jakes family for good food and lots of fun!

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